Pet Loss & Bereavement

Pet Loss & Bereavement

Transitions are an inevitable part of life.

The hardest ones happen when we lose a friend and a companion such as a beloved pet.


The connection you have with your animal can be so strong that it might feel like losing a member of your family.

While my job is to help you keep your animal happy and healthy and animals usually respond to energy healing by getting better, it is not always the case that healing means that the animal will survive. Sometimes healing entails helping your animal transition out of this world and helping you cope with the loss.

Intention-based energy healing can make all the difference in providing time, space and comfort during the last months, weeks or days of your friend’s life. It can make an enormous difference in how you deal with the situation too.

What To Expect

Depending on the circumstances the healing will based around:

  • recovery from the shock and trauma of a sudden death of your animal
  • support during your pet’s illness
  • preparing for saying goodbye
  • dealing with prolonged illness and seeing your animal in pain for extended periods of time
  • guilt and self-criticism over “not doing enough” etc.
  • releasing guilt to do with the decision to euthanize your animal
  • helping the mourning and sadness following the death of your animal
  • helping with decisions around adopting another animal
  • denial, anger, depression – all normal and common feelings around loss and bereavement

There is no time limit on grief.

It doesn’t work this way.

It will take as long as it takes.

My support doesn’t revolve around trying to help you “to forget and move on”.

I know from personal experience that it doesn’t work and that emotions such as sadness and grief need time and space to move through us. Sometimes the healing comes from telling the story of their departure. Other times it might be sharing stories of your time together. And other times still it will be about processing your raw emotions as they come. I am here to support that.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you with dealing with pet loss, please go to my Contact & Bookings page.

There are techniques that can make this process much more fluid and beautiful. Because yes, grief and sadness can take us to beautiful mind and energy states where you connect to your animal on another level and continue feeling close. I have seen grief turn into states of energy of bliss and connection with the help of EFT and energy healing.

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