Black Dog Clinic

At Black Dog Clinic , I create a safe, nurturing space for you and your animal companion to be able to heal and enjoy your life together.

The techniques I use are well-researched and up-to-date and safe. They include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Emotional Clearing (mindfulness), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Animal Herbal Self-Healing (herbs and essential oils) and energy healing.

I find that the greatest healer of all is LOVE and there is plenty of that where I come from! 

My main objectives are helping your animal feel confident and emotionally strong as well as to encourage effective communication skills and build a supportive environment in which to grow and flourish.

You will discover also that your pet is your greatest untapped potential for realising yourself. The unconditional love that your animal feels for you can be a start of a wonderful healing journey for both of you.

By addressing painful problems that are affecting our daily lives we can grow and develop as human beings and help our animal companions thrive too. Healing is always a two-way street. The power of mindfuless practised together can have a dramatic effect. And who better to do it with than your furry friend, your dearest and closest of companions?

Shamanic herbalism sessions can help a variety of issues:

  • Moving house with your animals
  • Introducing a new animal into your pack
  • Welcoming your first animal into your house
  • Having to re-home your animal
  • Behavioural problems such as aggression, fear, anxiety, anorexia or depression
  • Short, acute illness or long-term, chronic illness
  • Traumatic injuries or encounters with other animals or humans (fights, bites etc) or through accident
  • Transitioning from shelter environment into your home
  • Aging, death/ transition process
  • Loss/bereavement sessions for guardians after their pet transition

Here at Black Dog Clinic, I help animals and their guardians:

  • Have a better, more satisfying relationship with each other
  • Recover from emotional, mental and energetic problems and traumas with the use of ground-breaking, modern energy healing techniques
  • Enhance their health, thrive and fulfill their soul potential
  • Address challenging behaviours and increase interspecies awareness and understanding between humans and animals
  • Work with guardians who have lost their pets and find it difficult to accept the painful experience, but are ready to work to integrate their emotions and experiences around the bereavement and loss
My name is Aleksandra Rechtman. I have been a therapist and a healer for the last 20 years. It wasn’t until Charlie came into my life and changed it forever that I realised my passion for deepening the relationship between animals More Here… and their humans.