Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism

Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism – Coming Soon

I offer courses to restore the connection with cycles of nature, plant and animal consciousness, and most of all with your own Inner Wisdom to guide you through the seen and unseen realms that we all dwell in every day.

We will learn how to co-create with nature using aromatherapy, plant spirit medicine, depth psychology, herbalism, energy work, EFT, Internal Family Systems and astrology. I have been studying and practising for almost 20 years and I’m passionate about creating relationships with plants, animals and people to build stable, supportive communities.

One of my dreams is to create a holistic community, both online and in real life, where people feel empowered, with the help of education and mentoring, to take their mental, emotional and physical health into their own hands, and exchange healing energies and ancient and modern wisdom within the community. Healing comes from both offering and receiving medicine. Such reciprocal relationships can build trust and confidence, and a strong belief in the possibility of co-creating beauty on this Earth.

So please make yourself at home here and enjoy the offerings!