Animal EFT

Animal EFT

Modern energy based approaches including EFT are extremely effective at treating both animals and humans.

I have been using EFT for the last 15 years and it remains one of the most powerful tools in my healing box.


What Is It?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed in the 90’s by Gary Craig in the USA. It involves tapping on meridian points on the face, body and hands whilst ‘tuning in’ into a blockage in the energy system. Originally developed for people, it has proven to be indispensable and effective in the treatment of animals (Animal EFT) too.

It can look similar to acupuncture or acupressure, but instead of needles or stronger pressure on a point, we tap or touch very lightly sending small pulses of energy from our healing hands into the energy system which balances and re-energises it, clearing blockages and accessing insight into the origin of the problem.

Other additional therapeutic services which I offer are Animal Aromatic Self-Healing, Pet Loss & Bereavement and EFT for Animal Guardians. For more information or to book with me, please go to Contact & Bookings.

A very important aspect of it is tuning in into the energy disturbance (every problem, discomfort that we experience has an energetic disturbance) and then using your intention and focus we direct energy to clear it


Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

EFT for animals involves using a guardian (or myself) as a surrogate for the physical act of tapping. In other words – we do not tap on animals! Instead we tap on ourselves to make the changes happen. I help you tune in into your animal’s energy system and together we use the energy mind to connect with her or him.

When you focus your attention on an animal you connect your energy system with theirs. Just as you would work with the parents to help their child, the same bond and special connection can be felt between the animal and their guardian. We use this connection for healing and in reverse through the healing we deepen the connection making it stronger. It works both ways.

Using a surrogate is also called Proxy Tapping

It has a lot of advantages

  • You can do it at any time and even anywhere – you do not have to be in the same room with the animal.
  • You can do it much more often than any animal would generally permit.
  • You can help wild animals, animals that don’t belong to you, and animals that you can’t really touch much, such as birds and fish.
  • Once you have learned the simple technique, you can use it on any problem, on any animal and you don’t have to know anything at all about their various meridian systems or points.

The good news is that once I teach you EFT, you will be able to do it yourself! If your animal is suddenly taken ill and you have no time to schedule an appointment, you can use the technique there and then and help yourself and your animal. In fact, homework will probably be an important part of our collaboration. And who doesn’t like homework?! 



  • training problems
  • house training problems
  • health problems
  • temperament problems
  • relationship problems (what drives YOU crazy!)
  • relationship problems with other animals, jealousy, aggression
  • attention seeking behaviours, repetitive behaviour disturbances

  • stress and nervousness
  • fears, phobias, self esteem
  • unhappiness, resentfulness, lack of social skills
  • sadness, depression, lack of joy in life
  • allergies
  • pain, discomfort, disturbance, disease
  • past traumas, mistreatment, mishandling, misuse

If you would like to discuss how I can help you please get in touch via the Contact & Bookings page.

I really look forward to working with you and your pet!