Herbs, Flowers and Aromatics for Self-Healing

Animal Aromatic Self-Healing

Animal Aromatic Self-Healing

It is also known as Applied Zoopharmacognosy and takes animal healing to another level.


Animal Aromatic Self-Healing, a holistic approach to animal wellness, uses Aromatics, Natural Nutrition and Behaviour Resolution to promote balanced health.

I use high quality essential oils, floral waters, natural herbs and supplements, and infused oils in a respectful and non-invasive way to keep the animal healthy and happy.

A unique and natural way of using the remedies is to let your animal choose and self-select their own medicines. Even before any external symptoms start appearing the animal will intuitively know what is needed to restore their own health. You can also understand much more about the nature of your animal by understanding the properties of the remedies selected.

Additional therapeutic services which I offer are Animal EFTPet Loss & Bereavement and EFT for Animal Guardians. For more information or to book with me, please go to Contact & Bookings.

Modern life affects humans as much as their pets.

Why not give power back to your pet by letting them be an active participant in their own healing?

Through Animal Aromatic Self-Healing you can access a common language that is shared by all mammals – the language of smell. It allows for a better, more efficient communication and sense of trust between the guardian and the animal.

Once the animal has selected the remedy they will choose to inhale it, drink it, lick it or rub a part of their body into it. An animal is never forced to ingest or inhale a remedy – they must be able to walk away from application and one must never put any in their food, taking away their choices.

In a nutshell in Aromatic Self-Healing,
very little is prescribed or administered

It is beautiful to see how the animal given the space, choice and freedom, finds the courage and wisdom to select remedies to support their mind, body and spirit.

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